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Expert Solutions to Real Estate Teams

We are confident that with our extensive Real Estate expertise, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to deliver powerful solutions that add real, tangible value to every stage of running Real Estate Team. We offer all the resources and the opportunity for Team Leaders to scale, improve income, and to take their careers to the next level.

Build your Real Estate Team

What We Offer

South Florida Full Real Estate Brokerage Services with Team Leads and Team Members in Mind.

Team Building and Support

WWe provide a comprehensive range of specialist and advisory support across all of the major steps of starting a Real Estate Team

Team Leader Income Calculator

Use our Team Leader calculator to estimate the extra income you can generate by having a team of real estate agents under your management.

Increase of Your Income

The opportunity to scale your team of real estate agents and generate extra income from team members.


We provide both online and offline training courses on how to build and run real estate teams using the best methods available.

Great Commission Split to Teams

Our commission split is very fair and competitive compared to other real estate firms. See our commission packages.

Clients Referrals and Leads

Team leaders will benefit from our skills, experience, and expertise in generating new clients from many different lead sources.

About us

Our Miami Real Estate office has been providing expert solution to Team Leaders offering the resources and the opportunity to scale.